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Seller: North Fork Cattle Co.
Lot# 314 Asking Price $120.00 Sold Price $131.75
Head Count 74
Preminum Vaccination
Kind Mixed Calves
Base Weight: 665 lbs
Hfr Head Count: 25
Hfr Base Weight: 600 lbs
Breed Type: Out of predominantly Black hided English & English Cross cows sired by 80% Top End DeBruycker Charlais Bulls and 20% Front End Angus Bulls. Calves are 80% Char/Angus Cross, 20% Angus Cross and a few reds.
Slide: 10¢

Origin Home Raised
1st Calf Born Date
Frame Med/Medium Large
Variance: Uneven
Flesh: Medium
Horns Dehorned / Polled

Feeding Program: On cows and native grass
Location: San Juan Capistrano, CA which is 150 miles S. of Bakersfield CA
Delivery Window: 5/18/2020 - 5/19/2020
Weighing Conditions : Daylight gather, sort from cows, sort for sex, weigh on ground with a 2%
General Comments: Premium VACC. Very nice split load of mostly DeBruycker sired Char/Angus cross light calves. Good delivery and cattle have good history for health and performance.
Vaccinations: Inforce 3, Bovishield Gold, BarVac 8, Ivomec at branding. Boostered with Bovishield Gold One Shot, Ultrabac 7 with Somubac 30 days prior to delivery.
Bangs: No
Implanted: Synovex C

Representative: Randy Baxley, Phone: 559-906-9760 Email:
Representative: Duane Baxley, Phone: 805-610-4100 Email: